What to Expect

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What kind of physical therapy will i need?

Physical therapy is different for men and women with sexual problems treated by spine surgery.  This therapy should be delivered by a pelvic floor physical therapist to ensure maximum improvement with minimum return of symptoms.

What happens after I get an MRI?

After your MRI is read, if possible pathology is suspected you will be made aware although the specific information cannot be shared until you are a patient.  When you come to San Diego, you will have a one or two day appointment at San Diego Sexual Medicine with Dr. Goldstein and his staff.  When you schedule your appointment the SDSM staff will send your information to SPIOSD so that an appointment with Dr. Kim can be arranged for this same time.  Please expect a call from Caroline for your insurance information for your appointment with Dr. Kim.


Once you have your neurogenital testing at SDSM, a determination will be made whether suspected cauda equina pathology from the MRI is supported as the possible cause of your sexual health problem, or if it most likely unrelated.  If  unrelated your clinic appointment with Dr. Kim will be canceled and other causes will be investigated.


If your plans include a longer visit in order to complete testing and surgery on one trip, Dr. Kim's staff will arrange for your TFESI injection. Based on the results of the injection, Dr. Kim will work with you to determine the next step, surgery or device or other option.  All patients need clearance before surgery which includes a session with Dr. Rose Hartzell and with one of our physical therapists to optimize your post-operative recovery.

How should I prepare for my Surgery?

Please take the time to carefully read this entire packet in order to understand your role in ensuring effective preparation and a smooth recovery. The enclosed information outlines the logistics of your upcoming operation, and explains what you need to do before, during, and after surgery. We highly recommend that you use this guide as a step-by-step tool throughout the entire surgery process. We also urge you to share this information with your family/friends who will be helping you prior to surgery and throughout your recovery. Please note: This packet is just a guide. You may be given different or additional instructions that are specific to your condition or procedure.