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the premier facility providing diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction in men & women

Proudly pioneering the field of sexual medicine

San Diego Sexual Medicine is the premier facility in the United States to provide diagnosis and treatment of all sexual dysfunctions through a biopsychosocial approach to sexual healthcare management.

Led by world-renowned expert Dr. Irwin Goldstein, San Diego Sexual Medicine provides compassionate, state-of-the-art, evidence-based clinical management of sexual health problems for men and women. This sexual medicine program takes into consideration multidisciplinary health concerns. Dr. Goldstein and his staff provide confidential patient care, education and research to improve sexual health through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of symptoms and regenerative therapies for conditions that involve sexual function in both men and women.

World class treatment options for a range of sexual concerns

At San Diego Sexual Medicine we specialize in diagnosing and treating male and female sexual health issues: low desire (HSDD), arousal issues, erectile dysfunction (ED), orgasm problems, ejaculatory disorders,  sexual pain, and Peyronie’s disease/penile curvature.  Not only do we handle diagnoses and treatment of common sexual problems, we provide care for more complex sexual dysfunctions, including revascularization surgery for men, regenerative therapies for men and women, medical and surgical options for dyspareunia (sexual pain) in women, and safe and effective options for patients with sexual dysfunction after  cancer treatment.  In addition to sexual pain, genito-pelvic dysesthesias include hyperfunctioning such as persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD), genital or pelvic  itching, overly sensitive penis, painful ejaculation, as well as hypofunctioning such as lack of genital feeling causing anorgasmia,  or pleasure dissociative orgasmic disorder (PDOD).
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